I love it when brands get infographics right.

The best of them get it so right you can tell they went with ease of information sharing rather than the design overload as is commonly seen among brands that attempt this form of content.

Infographics are quite simply a summary of the most important information on a topic shared with a visually pleasing aesthetic. Or, numbers shared as a poster.

Or, statistics for dummies.

Ultimately, however, it comes down to how well you understand your brand’s perception in the eyes of your customer, stakeholders and internal audience.

Emirates Airline has released its 2016 round-up infographic. It is a simple look at the figures it deems important to share with everyone using the design style it has become famous for.

Read all about the new aircraft added to its fleet, number of passengers flown, meals served, destinations added and more:


See? No fancy ‘infographic elements’ or ‘infographic icons’ you routinely see when you type ‘How to design an infographic’ into search engines.

Think about this when you consider an infographic for your brand in 2017.

Happy New Year.