Now here’s a blast from the past. An ex-colleague sent me an infographic on the state of digital marketing in the Middle East, specifically the GCC, from back in 2011.

A bit crude, however this was actually researched, created and designed by me. We had a great digital marketing conference we were organizing and marketing called Click 5.0, the Digital Marketing Event for the Middle East. It was an exciting event to have worked on at the time. The chairman of the event was the ever-versatile Alexander McNabb and one of the moderators and key speakers was Yousef Tuqan Tuqan.

In the buildup to the event, the marketing campaign had a major content creation and marketing mandate, as we had to ensure the marketing was of the same standard of the event’s offering itself.

One area we felt had a gap was the absence of any infographics on the state of digital marketing in the Middle East, specifically GCC countries. This was a gap we could easily fill with the right research.

The research began. With input from Social Bakers, Zawya, Simply Measured and others, and countless conversations with the social media and digital marketing leaders in the region at the time, the story took shape. We also did a survey among these digital practitioners and used the results for data. It was a first for me in terms of designing an infographic but it also helped showcase the beginnings of social media’s impact here. This information eventually became a case study at the CIPR.

The best bit? It was inspired by the book I had recommended in this post, by David Meerman Scott, and was supported by my digital marketing idol Jason Romain, the Global Head of Marketing at IQPC, the company that taught me everything I know about content marketing.

Here it is in all its old-school, as-much-info-as-we-could-find glory:


Hope you enjoyed it. Do any of you remember this one? Share your comments anyway! 🙂