Blogs, tweets everywhere. I’m sick of it.

So here’s 5 things that helped take my mind of this topic.

1. She’s FAKE! She is an agent.* Yes, stop sympathising with her! It’s proven to be true: Nadeem F. Paracha details it all here!!!

2. See the 5 kickass REAL-life women this mother dressed her daughter up as instead of Disney princesses.

3. Slap this guy with an eel right now. No, REALLY: Slap him.

4. Watch Malcolm Gladwell – global marketing legend – in this epic TED talk on David & Goliath.

5. And finally, since you – yes you, reading this – love taking selfies even if you haven’t posted any yet, here’s a kick-ass guide to taking the BEST selfies and unleash the real you. As long as you only unleash it in pictures -_-

*Please note, bullet 1 is satire. I can’t believe I have to put this disclaimer, but you’d be surprised how many idiots live in Pakistan who thought this was true.