Screenshot of Pope Benedict XVI’s Twitter page

Move over, Gutenburg. 

God’s going to be retweeted more times than the Bible gets reprinted!

Earlier this week, the Vatican announced in a press conference that Pope Benedict XVI, the spiritual leader of over a billion Catholics and the Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church, will officially join Twitter. Here are the most important facts on what is probably the most high-profile twitter account of all time:

Handle: @pontifex. The handle is the Latin word for ‘Pontiff’.

Number of followers: At the time of posting this blog, the Pope had 361,000 followers. The rate of followers is increasing at 15,000 an hour!

Bio: Welcome to the official twitter page of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

Languages in which His Holiness will tweet: English, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Polish, French and Arabic. All these are languages the Pope speaks either fluently or with a good degree of knowledge.

Who will actually be typing: The Pope has a social media and communications team at hand to type the actual tweets, but the words will be entirely his. He will provide the message to be shared with his Twitter followers and the team will condense it into the mandatory 140 characters. This final condensed version will then be approved by the Pope before they click ‘Tweet’.

Date of first Tweet: on December 12th, 10 am Rome time, the Pope will send out his first ever broadcast as Pope Benedict XVI on Twitter.

The Twitter launch coincides with an about-to-be launched Papal App for smartphones which will have the Catholic Church become a leading force in mobile spirituality: it features live video feeds from the Vatican including inside St. Peter’s Basilica and will stream live Papal audiences, Papal Masses and the his trips abroad along with Catholic news.

If you want to follow him on his accounts for the other languages mentioned, here are the links:

Arabic: https://twitter.com/Pontifex_ar

French: https://twitter.com/Pontifex_fr

Italian: https://twitter.com/Pontifex_it

Polish: https://twitter.com/Pontifex_pl

Portuguese: https://twitter.com/Pontifex_pt

Spanish: https://twitter.com/Pontifex_es

German: https://twitter.com/Pontifex_de