I’ve just found a goldmine for Catholic communicators. This blog post by Angela contains 11 quality, well-designed and researched infographics of Christianity today in the US and the world and how communicators can use it.

Happy reading/sharing/living it 🙂


Inspired Angela

You’ve gotta love infographics. I’ve been gathering a few, and it’s time to share. (Click the image for its source.)


  1. Religion in America
  2. Church and Technology
  3. Church and Social Media
  4. How the Top 50 Nonprofits Do Social Media
  5. 12 Tips for an Effective Evangelization
  6. The Rise of Pinterest
  7. Women, Blogs & Social Media
  8. The Rise of Mobile
  9. Mobile Commerce in the United States
  10. Porn Addiction in America
  11. Abortion in the United States

Do you know of others that Catholic communicators should see?

Religion in America

The Rise of Pinterest

Women, Blogs & Social Media

The Rise of Mobile

Mobile Commerce in the United States

Porn Addiction in America

Abortion in the United States

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