Here’s how social media became a mainstream profit-maker in 2010. AND how people made tens of millions of dollars on Facebook alone.

No longer can brands or causes or ministries or churches or groups or any category you’re in deny or wait to accept the fact that social media is where you need to be putting your money – no pun intended.

In this very informative infograph, designed and researched by, we see various brands – both big and small – and how they made a profit – nay, a huge profit – using e-commerce based on social media. By ‘profit’ here, I mean mostly money, but I also mean brilliant new solutions they’ve launched on creating retail platforms on social media sites in ways we’d never have imagined.

I won’t say any more as I don’t want to take the shine away from this beautiful piece of information designed for people like you and me.

Would love to read your comments on it.

2010 - the year of social commerce