Everyone once in a while a website really stands out to you while you’re searching for something else.

I stumbled across Inspire Digital Christian Radio earlier, and I could not stay away from the site after that first trip. The site is sponsored by CBM and no I’m not getting paid to say this. 🙂

I have bookmarked only two Christian radio stations:

Today I wanted to share Inspire with you because of a few reasons:

  1. I love their collection of music. Their daily track listings really help me sail through my day, no matter how tough its been. And boy, its been an interesting and tough 2011 start!
  2. They broadcast some very interesting talk-session programmes, including the controversial but brilliant ‘how to find a husband by Friday’!
  3. They’re simple. Unlike some folks who can confuse you by adding multiple options for the message (they start out as online radio stations but then add forums, chat sessions, presentations etc) Inspire keeps it simple. You log on, click on Listen Live and that’s it.

I’ll let their introduction speak for itself:

Inspire Digital is Australia’s newest Christian radio station with a format of the best Christian music and teaching programs from around Australia and the world.  It can be heard on DAB+ digital radio in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, and online via www.inspiredigitalradio.com and iPhone app.

As Christians, we are so blessed to have assurance in our eternity, and personal access to a God who loved us so much, He died to ensure we could be in relationship with Him. 

But sometimes the busyness of the day-to-day distract us, and the pressures of life can be more present than His presence.  It’s at these times that we need to get some space and take a moment to reflect on God and all his goodness.  Inspire Digital aims to provide you with that ‘God space’ at anytime of the day or night. Whether you’re seeking to grow and refresh your Christian faith, or just ‘be’ in His presence, I pray that Inspire Digital will be a place where we can all be encouraged to ‘live the life’.