Yesterday my global head of marketing was telling us about a guy he came across in a public restroom in New York.

This man was busy brushing his teeth there – at 3 pm in the afternoon. My boss asked him ‘hey mate, you eat something spicy for lunch?’

Reply: ‘Nah, just trying to wash the rejection out of my mouth’.

The man was a salesman.

In your daily walk with Christ as you try to take the Gospel message to your potential Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Blog followers, you will face rejection and ridicule. You will be told ‘they don’t need what you’re selling’, and ‘not interested’ or ‘I already have a different model’.

Just wash it out of you – pray for the grace of Christ to bring them to him – and move on. There are 500 million FB users and 100 million Twitter users. You have many more fish in the sea. Christ was rejected by a more violent set of people. Yet look at what happened. I think a few hundred people rejecting Him, and then 2 billion following (remind you of Twitter?) is a good example of patience with the Spirit.