While preparing for the continuation of my post ‘Step 3 – Learn’, I stumbled across this glaring statistic from a research company specialising on Facebook facts and figures:

There are only 2 Christian pages in the top 200 leaderboard, the listing of the highest liked pages on Facebook:

1. The Bible (112):  4,309,733 fans, growing by 8,312 fans per day and 65,989 per month

2. God (169): 3,421,272 fans, growing by 962 per day and 6,629 per month

3. Jesus Daily (192): 3,182,598 fans, growing by 7,663 per day and 56,329 per month.

Three out of 200, with ‘I hate waking up for school’ getting higher growth and numbers than these by far.

When Jesus set out for His ministry, the world was lost and following any idol they desired. It took him time, persecution and patience, but He won. St. Paul was faced with an increasing population of self-made apostles across Europe and Asia, and he had to really pull up his socks and use his version of social media (the Letters) to change the planet.

And they both succeeded.

We may have our work cut out for us, but we have the Spirit. Now all we need to do is make the Spirit apparent in the social planet. May the Spirit be with you!