I had to sit quietly and actually think of my profile and daily activities on Facebook after reading this.

Today’s post is more about responsibility – personally – as a social media user. Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, have a blog, or more, I think what’s being spoken of in this blog post I’m sharing with you is really insightful. If you use social media for ministry, this is very important.

If you use social media only for personal use, then by God is this blog post more important than anything I’ve posted so far.

I’m giving you a little summary of it here, and you can read the entire post by clicking here.

“has it (Facebook) become a graven image? Have you confused its reality with real reality? Do you really think you have 200 friends? Third, have you taken the Lord’s name in vain? That is, have you, in weaker moments, put a bad face publicly on your Christian witness? Are you laughing at your old sins with that old buddy from college or high school?”