Over several conversations over the past weekend with various people involved in ministry and outside it, I came across a glaring realisation which I wanted to share with you

You know its not about you, but you still keep fooling yourself.

When you start your Christian social networking site, group, page, portal or any web based entity for your ministry or Church, the intent is almost always for the glory of Jesus Christ.

BUT, more often than not, it becomes very clear that you’re looking – albeit sub-conciously, even as a group – that the medium itself become the focus and Jesus Christ is suddenly the bystander.

Yes, it is important to ensure you have good interactivity on your site, calls-for-action, contacts, forums, picture-sharing, events etc etc etc, but don’t spend more time on it than you do on your prayer life, on your ministry itself and on your worship.

If your priorities are straight – and by that I mean you are regularly running your daily life by a spiritual advisor or director (whether for your group or personally) – then God will make your attempts a success.

There are countless groups out there who try so hard to ‘reach out’ and ‘connect’ with youth, but after an initial surge in interest, 90% drop out. Why? Because there needs to be substance in that connectivity. A great website and forum is of no use if what they intend to receive after signing up is not up to the mark.

What is supposed to be up to the mark? A strong, vibrant Jesus culture, open and approachable leaders in the group, various options to harness and nourish their creativity, ability and intellect for the Lord and a mission statement which is visible in action, not only – and not necessarily – in words.

Remember, the Lord of the work comes before the work for the Lord!