In January this year (2010), I was shown a series of videos that shook the ground under my feet.

I already had an unshakeable faith in Christ, and His miracles were manifest in my life daily. Yet, just as only Christ can, He always shows me a side of Him which will always make me go ‘wow’.

This was – and continues to be – one of those moments. A beautiful young daughter of God shared this video below with me that evening. I am putting clip 1 here. There are a few more, which you can click ‘next’ on in Youtube when you finish watching this.

Why am I sharing this with you? Does it have anything to do with social media? No.

Well, maybe, as I AM sharing it through a social site! 🙂 But I’m just sharing it today because I want you to smile, thank God for being your God and perhaps you can share this with someone else.