Or was He the Truth?

Lets look at the facts:

Genghis Khan
George Washington
Henry VIII

All of them were leaders. All of them founded movements. Some of them even founded massive religions which live on to this day and are growing.

All of them are in most top 20 lists of great leaders to walk this planet since the dawn of time.

Only one man among those claimed to be God.

Either he was a fool and idiot, a liar, or the real deal.

So lets see why: Christianity has been around for 2,000 years and shows no signs of ebbing. The last World Youth Day in Sydney saw over half a million young Christians from all denominations flying from all over the world to come and pray together.

500,000 teenagers and tweens coming to pray to Jesus…together? And someone said Christianity is dying?

Then you have the little fact of a man who lived 2,000 years ago splitting time in half. Think about it: all your life, you’ve known – and have read everything in history saying – time as having two eras: BC and AD. Before Christ and Anno Domini (Latin for ‘In the Year of Our Lord’). All of our dates, our timelines, our chronologies, our frames of reference, base themselves on the year Christ was born.

Do YOU know of anyone else who has literally split time in half? Last I checked, they TRIED to do it with Islam, but only Muslims follow that. Not the planet. Nor any historian.

More? Lets see what one of the leaders above said.

Napoleon expressed these thoughts below while he was exiled on the rock of St. Helena.  There, the conqueror of civilized Europe had time to reflect on the measure of his accomplishments.  He called Count Montholon to his side and asked him, “Can you tell me who Jesus Christ was?”  The count declined to respond.  Napoleon countered:

“Well then, I will tell you.  Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne and I myself have founded great empires; but upon what did these creations of our genius depend?  Upon force.  Jesus alone founded His empire upon love, and to this very day millions will die for Him…. I think I understand something of human nature; and I tell you, all these were men, and I am a man:  none else is like Him; Jesus Christ was more than man…. I have inspired multitudes with such an enthusiastic devotion that they would have died for me…. but to do this it was necessary that I should be visibly present with the electric influence of my looks, my words, of my voice.  When I saw men and spoke to them, I lighted up the flame of self-devotion in their hearts…. Christ alone has succeeded in so raising the mind of man toward the unseen, that it becomes insensible to the barriers of time and space.  Across a chasm of eighteen hundred years, Jesus Christ makes a demand which is beyond all others to satisfy; He asks for that which a philosopher may seek in vain at the hands of his friends, or a father of his children, or a bride of her spouse, or a man of his brother.  He asks for the human heart; He will have it entirely to Himself.  He demands it unconditionally; and forthwith His demand is granted.  Wonderful!  In defiance of time and space, the soul of man, with all its powers and faculties, becomes an annexation to the empire of Christ.  All who sincerely believe in Him, experience that remarkable, supernatural love toward Him.  This phenomenon is accountable; it is altogether beyond the scope of man’s creative powers.  Time, the great destroyer, is powerless to extinguish this sacred flame; time can neither exhaust its strength nor put a limit to its range.  This is it, which strikes me most; I have often thought of it.  This is which proves to me quite convincingly the Divinity of Jesus Christ.”
Napoleon Bonaparte – Excerpt from “Jesus among other Gods”

Nothing I type beyond this can say it better.

Liar? No.

Fool and idiot? Hardly.

God? My heart is captive to a ‘yes’.

If you want to become a Social Apostle and take Christ to all young people, your heart MUST be captive to this same yes.  Is it?