A few years ago, a youth group dramatised a skit around the hugely popular Lifehouse song ‘Everything. They then posted their video on Youtube.  I’ve enabled the video below this post. But read on first.

The rest, as they say, is history. Suddenly, thousands of Christian youth groups around the globe adopted and adapted the skit with the song as the backing and took the message of each to hundreds of thousands of youth who needed to hear it.

And then: World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney, Australia.

That cold July evening in 2008, I was in the throng of over 200,000 young Christians watching at Barangaroo as the same song and skit was enacted on stage.  All around me, all I could see was stunned silence, tears flowing down faces including my own, and some falling on their knees, others lifting their hands to the heavens in gratitude.

I will not explain why this video is so great. That remains for you to watch and experience for yourself. But please be sure you’re in a place (office, home or otherwise) where you won’t have a problem wiping away your tears or suddenly getting emotional. Because you will.

If I ever share any example of what could possibly be the greatest Christian youtube video in terms of effect, this video above would be it. One idea in real life, which was originally possibly viewed by a few hundred people, suddenly through the power of social media taken Jesus Christ’s promise of love and mercy and His great salvation to millions. Now you included.

This, my friends, is what you as Social Apostles should aspire to.