One of the biggest reasons for starting this resource blog was to help enable existing Church leaders among the clergy and senior lay-men in social media, and explaining to them the hows and whys of doing it right.

Providence, then, that this article found its way completely at random to me yesterday:

‘My top three lessons (at least for the first training session!) would be as follows:

  • Understand why your church will use social media. Sure, you are getting on board because lots of people in your church and community are using social media. But what specifically is your church or ministry hoping to achieve? Who are you hoping to connect with? How would you like to use social media to engage with these people? ‘15 ways for churches to use Twitter‘ provides some ideas for using Twitter for ministry. Once you understand why, stick to activities that are in line with this objective. It’s too easy to get sidetracked without a clear direction. ‘

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