The first social networker on the planet was not Mark Zuckerburg or even Orkut Buyukkokten (the creator of, yes, Orkut).

It was St. Paul the Apostle.

You read it right.

St. Paul did what most of us do daily, hourly, and in some extreme cases at every waking moment. He socialised his message.

He wanted to share something he thought was amazing, cool, unbelievable – pretty much what we think of every nice link, news story, photograph, status message etc every day and don’t hesitate clicking on the ‘share’ button.

But what he wanted to share truly WAS amazing, cool and unbelievable: The message that Jesus is alive, and IS God.

So how did he do it? He wrote a note to his friends, Timothy, Silvanus, Theophilus and others. He told them to read it, and then share that note with others who had like-minded interests. Those people then took that note and translated it, shared it, published it, ‘liked’ it and so on.

2,000+ years later, those notes are STILL being shared. If that’s not the most successful social media campaign of all time, I don’t know what it.

Apple iPad, eat your heart out.